New Skin

Last Friday, my seven-year-old son was hospitalized with a serious skin infection known as Scalded Skin Syndrome (SSS). It's a rare kind of staph infection that causes the skin to be red and tender, and eventually to blister and pop. This disease mainly affects children, many of whom end up in hospital burn units. Before we … Continue reading New Skin

The Dreaded Red Pen – A Publishing Update

I haven't posted in a few months, but I wanted to update those of you who are following my publishing journey. I said back in July that I planned to self-publish Stoker's Mill, my first novel. Since then, however, I've really felt God leading me to publish my second novel, Subversive. Subversive is the first book … Continue reading The Dreaded Red Pen – A Publishing Update

God Knocked Me Off My High Horse: My Long (and Rocky) Publishing Journey

When I finished my first novel in 2012, I sent the manuscript to a professional editor who also coordinated a yearly writer's conference that I planned on attending. After she completed her initial read-through of the book, she emailed me back and said, "Wow! You’ve kept me up turning pages (well, scrolling through pages on my … Continue reading God Knocked Me Off My High Horse: My Long (and Rocky) Publishing Journey


Title: THE CHAIN Author: ADRIAN MCKINTY Genre: Thriller / Suspense Publication Date: July 9, 2019 by Mulholland Books The Premise: A young girl, Kylie, is kidnapped while waiting for her school bus. Her mother, Rachel, receives a phone call soon afterwards. The kidnappers are parents whose own child has been kidnapped and is currently being … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: THE CHAIN BY ADRIAN MCKINTY

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know . . .

Guest Blog by Joseph Mott, Pastor of Foundations Bible Church in Freeburg, Pennsylvania. I love the story of “Jesus Loves Me”. It is one of my favorites. Anna and Susan Warner lived in a Revolutionary Era home in disrepair due to the economic struggles of the day. It was right across the Hudson river from West … Continue reading Jesus Loves Me, This I Know . . .

My 10 Favorite Reads (Fiction)

Yes. It was hard to pick only ten books. How did I choose? Well, I almost never read a book more than once because life is too short. There are so many awesome authors/books out there that it's silly to waste time reading anything more than once. However, the stories listed below are unique in … Continue reading My 10 Favorite Reads (Fiction)

My Thoughts Upon (FINALLY) Finishing the Bible . . .

Last week, I finished reading the Bible for the first time. The whole thing. Every chapter. Despite being a Christian for most of my life, I never read it all the way through. In fact, there was a time when I would flip through the pages of the Old Testament, scan the passages, and think, … Continue reading My Thoughts Upon (FINALLY) Finishing the Bible . . .

The Personal Side of Writing

I found an excerpt today from a manuscript I wrote fourteen years ago. It was my first attempt at a novel . . . and I failed miserably. Originally, I had envisioned this book being a Dean Koontz-esque small-town alien invasion story. Not at all cliche, right? Well, not suprisingly, I never finished the book. … Continue reading The Personal Side of Writing


Hi Mom and anyone else who loves me enough to click on this webpage! Thanks for joining me on my writing/publishing journey. Here I will share my faith, stories about my crazy family, excerpts from my manuscripts, and my irrelevent opinions on tons of bestselling books. Let me know what you think!