The Subversive Trilogy

SUBVERSIVE (Book 1) Coming to Amazon in June 2020

In an abandoned coal mine, a group of fugitives huddle four-hundred feet beneath the surface of the earth. To the world, and to the Federal Task Force who have been commissioned to hunt them down, they are known as subversives. Dangerous religious zealots who must be captured and imprisoned before their extremism can infect anyone else. Since the night of her parent’s arrest, Gemma Alcott has been in hiding as a subversive. She’s found a home—and someone to love—but she’s never forgotten the love she left behind. 

Taylor, a young Task Force officer, believes wholeheartedly in his mission and in the danger posed by subversives. He believes in his mission so much that he detained and imprisoned his own father. But when his first love, Gemma, is captured by a rogue Task Force unit, his loyalties are put to the test. 

Facing interrogation and possible death, Gemma must summon the strength—and faith—to protect her friends, no matter the cost. 

And Taylor must decide if he’s fighting against evil…or
 for it.  
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!